Biden Uses Address To Kneel for Ukraine and Damn Trump

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Decked out in his little “hidden message” Ukraine flag pin and tie combo, President Biden addressed the American people on February 6th, to grovel for the American people. He ultimately wants the American taxpayers to cover a $118 billion “border security” bill. A bill that spends $20 billion on actual border security, and $60 billion on Ukraine, with the rest being spread out across various pots.

“I’m wearing my Ukraine tie and Ukraine pin — which I’ve been wearing because they’re in dire straits right now defending themselves against the Russian onslaught… A clock is ticking. Every week, every month that passes without new aid Ukraine means fewer artillery shells, fewer defense air defense systems, and fewer tools for Ukraine to defend itself against this Russian onslaught. Just what Putin wants. Ukrainians are fighting bravely.”

He supplemented his argument by claiming that if Putin isn’t stopped where he is now, he will continue to attack throughout the region. In his estimation that would dramatically increase the cost to the people of Ukraine as well as the US. Turning his statement towards former President Trump, he suggested conservatives were to blame for Ukraine being unfunded.

“The position of the MAGA Republicans can be characterized by the New York Times headline… ‘Trump first, Putin second, America third.’ That cannot pertain. It all goes to the question of American power. And all goes to, does America keep his word, does America move forward?”

Going after Trump and conservatives like this is Biden’s calling in life.

Let’s face the facts here. Nobody is supporting Putin or Russia in their conflict with Ukraine, but the American people have reached their threshold with paying for the war. Ukraine has had Russia on the ropes essentially for the better part of a year, but nobody is willing to push the “kill ’em all” buttons. Instead, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is more than happy to draw things out as Biden and the rest of his cohorts embezzle funds through Ukrainian channels and various “charities.”

The assertions that Trump or those powering the Trump Train are putting Trump above the nation are laughable. The man gave up his salary while in office, and lost millions in investments while President. Yet all the Biden family and the liberals have done since he’s been in office is make billions. The level of insider trading leaked government secrets, and selling of influence for cash or positions is astronomical. Proven time and again, somehow the family has yet to face charges.

An address like the one Biden made is never Presidential. Begging for taxpayers to support your pet causes, and verbally attacking your opponent through nonsensical rambling doesn’t get the message across very well. Instead, it just proclaims to the American people that you lack the mental capacity to be an effective leader and that you are too weak to carry on.

Bowing before Ukraine and its interests, Biden has ultimately sent the American people the signal that he is no longer backing the interests of the American people. Instead, he is now doing whatever it takes to keep them in the war. Drawing it out like this not only makes it easier to keep the money printer running, but it also cranks up the potential of something going sideways for him to declare martial law.

Unlike Trump, Biden has been yearning and longing to find a way to cancel the elections this year. He knows he can’t win, and the Democrats haven’t done a damn thing to prepare someone to take his place. Instead, they have continued to rely on Biden to talk their way out of whatever issues they get themselves into. By stonewalling investigations, misleading the American people, and making the mainstream media watch Trump while he deceives the American people, he’s convinced the feeble that he was a good President.

Thank God more and more Americans are starting to go from Woke to Awake and Alert.