At Least One Mom in NYC Refuses To Believe Her Son Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Davelees /
Davelees / shutterstock.comFrequently, when a parent is featured on the news in response to their child committing a crime, they are often depicted as claiming ...Read More

Court Upholds Catholic School’s Right to Sack Gay Teacher for Online Behavior

demm28 /
demm28 / shutterstock.comIn a twist that might make some roll their eyes, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, has come to the rescue ...Read More

Average Credit Card Debt in the US Soars Past $6,500

Melnikov Dmitriy /
Melnikov Dmitriy / shutterstock.comMillions of Americans are now relying on credit card debt just to survive after Joe Biden deliberately crashed the economy. A newly ...Read More

Free Booze for Alcoholics at Taxpayer Expense in San Francisco

monticello /
monticello / shutterstock.comIt’s hard to imagine that San Francisco, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy along with the rest of California, could have found ano ...Read More

Biden Replaced on the Ballot: Should the DNC Make the Swap?
Shutterstock.comWould the best thing for the US be for the DNC to swap Biden out with a more competent Democratic candidate? Share your thoughts now ...Read More

Oakland Residents Are Tired of Losing to Criminals – Gun Club Applications Soaring

Root Couture /
Root Couture / shutterstock.comAs gangs and street thugs armed with illegal weapons continue to take advantage of law-abiding citizens, many in Oakland, California ...Read More

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Walter Cicchetti /
Walter Cicchetti / shutterstock.comClaiming the money was in the mail is a line most financially desperate people have uttered at least once in their lives before 2000 ...Read More

NY Postal Worker Steals From the Mail Only To Get Probation

Tom Stiglich /
Tom Stiglich / creators.comHolding a rally in blue-dominated Wildwood, New Jersey, did not seem like a safe idea for the Trump campaign, at least on the surfac ...Read More

Even in Jersey, Trump Can Draw 100k Supporters

Salty D0g Photography /
Salty D0g Photography / shutterstock.comJoe Biden’s horde of illegal alien invaders has unleashed a crime wave across the country like Americans have never seen before. Acc ...Read More

Illegal Aliens Stealing Truckloads of Oil in West Texas

luchschenF /
luchschenF / shutterstock.comFentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is incredibly potent, surpassing heroin and morphine in strength. Medically, it’s used for severe pain ...Read More

Fentanyl Scanners Currently Collecting Cobwebs Will Finally Be Installed at Border Crossings 

Bryan Dominguez /
Bryan Dominguez / shutterstock.comAs you likely know, election reform has been all the rage in recent years, particularly after the 2020 elections. The latest to make ...Read More

Governor Brian Kemp Gives Georgia to Trump with New Election Bill / / shutterstock.comOhio Republican Attorney General Dave Yost has taken cowardly masked protestors head-on in a recent letter to the state’s university ...Read More

Ohio AG Taps Little-Known Anti-Mask Law to Threaten Anti-Israeli Protestors 

Alexandros Michailidis /
Alexandros Michailidis / shutterstock.comRepresentative Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat and member of the notorious “Squad,” has ratcheted up the rhetoric by demanding th ...Read More

Arrest Netanyahu? Tlaib Says Yes – GOP Warns ICC of Unprecedented Turmoil
shutterstock.comRecent Social Security Board of Trustees updates paint a mixed picture for retirees and those planning for retirement. The latest an ...Read More

Breaking News: Social Security’s Collapse Fast-Tracked to 2035

billlin914 /
billlin914 / shutterstock.comOne of the biggest protests to take place in years just happened in the city of Boston. Neither the recent pro-Palestinian temper ta ...Read More

Huge Protest in Boston After Veterans Shoved Aside for Illegal Aliens

a katz /
a katz / shutterstock.comManhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s disgraced former Special Counsel and fixer, the star witn ...Read More

Star Prosecution Witness Michael Cohen Isn’t Helping Bragg’s Case, He’s Hurting It
Shutterstock.comFor the second time in just a few weeks, a whistleblower who spoke out against Boeing’s myriad safety scandals has died suddenly. 45 ...Read More

Another Boeing Whistleblower ‘Dies Suddenly’ After Exposing Safety Scandals

VAKS-Stock Agency /
VAKS-Stock Agency / shutterstock.comLife in America has deteriorated so badly under Joe Biden that New York Home Depot stores are now hiring armed guards and K9 units t ...Read More

NY Home Depot Hires Guards and K9s to Defend Against Aggressive Illegal Aliens

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