Safeguarding Your Space: Is Your Home REALLY Protected?

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Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.comYour home is your sanctuary, and whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet suburban neighborhood, taking proactive steps to protect your space is crucial. From the obvious threats to some lesser-known ones, here’s what you need to know about protecting your home.  Protect Your Home from Unseen Threats  When protecting your home, […]

Democrats Want RFK Jr.’s Running Mate to Leave the Race Over Trump

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Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.comCongressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) is begging Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate to drop out of the race. Khanna sees the writing on the wall and realizes that the presence of Nichole Shanahan on the Kennedy ticket is only going to hurt Joe Biden and help Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election. The Democrat […]

GOP Senators Prepare to Create Nightmare for Schumer if He Squashes Mayorkas’ Impeachment

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Bumble Dee / shutterstock.comYou’ve probably heard that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandra Mayorkas has recently come under fire for his failure to secure America’s southern border and its ongoing immigration crisis. And Senate Republicans are planning to make quite a scene if the Democrats refuse to hold him accountable. If you didn’t know, Mayorkas was officially impeached by the […]

Not Even Hiding It Anymore: Potential Trump Witness “Neutralized”  

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lev radin / shutterstock.comDemocrats can breathe a sigh of relief. A potential witness that might have theoretically (gasp) helped Trump in the Stormy Daniels case has been, per Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, “neutralized.”   Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer, has been safely eliminated from a possible pool of Trump witnesses by being sentenced to […]

Draft Dodging Biden Claims Vietnam War Convinced Him To End Wars 

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Adam Parent / shutterstock.comDuring a recent interview with Latino powerhouse Univision regarding his “legacy,” President Joe Biden made a peculiar claim. “Well, I hope the legacy is that I kept my word, that – I said that the reason I was running was to help the life of ordinary people and reduce the prospect of war and… because […]

One Month in Prison: The Price of Stealing Biden’s Daughter’s Diary Revealed

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Cheryl Casey / shutterstock.comAimee Harris, a Floridian with a misguided sense of archival preservation, was sentenced to a quaint one-month sojourn in prison this Tuesday. Her transgression? The unauthorized acquisition and subsequent sale of the personal diary of President Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, to a group whose ideological pursuits often outstrip their ethical considerations. After her month-long prison […]

Shocking: Hamas Snubs Yet Another Peace Offering

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Tomas Ragina / shutterstock.comIn a recent and predictably grim turn of events, the notorious group Hamas has once again turned its back on peace, rejecting yet another ceasefire proposal. The recent decision taken by the group has further solidified its reputation for an unyielding and uncompromising stance regarding disarmament and prisoner exchange involving innocent hostages. In no uncertain […]

Biden’s Last-Ditch Effort: Can Student Debt Relief Save His Campaign?

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Vitalii Vodolazskyi / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden’s administration is rolling out new plans to tackle student loan debt. This hot-button topic has gained significant attention in recent years. This move comes after the Supreme Court shot down the administration’s previous attempt to implement broad-scale debt forgiveness. The White House, in conjunction with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, is pushing […]

Election Drama Hits New Heights: Trump Calls for Cocaine Drug Test for Biden

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Saiful52 / shutterstock.comIn a stunning twist that nobody saw coming, former President Donald Trump suggested that President Joe Biden should have to take a drug test before they grace the stage for their highly anticipated verbal duels, otherwise known as the presidential debates. Trump aired this groundbreaking proposal during a cozy chat with Hugh Hewitt, the conservative […]

The Truth About Biden’s Humanitarian Parole Program: 30,000 Immigrants Arriving Every Month

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Janossy Gergely / shutterstock.comA coalition of 21 Republican attorneys general, spearheaded by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, has taken legal action against a controversial immigration policy introduced by the Biden administration. This policy permits around 30,000 immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to enter the United States every month and stay indefinitely. This move is part of […]

Nebraskan Senator Thwarts Democrats By Switching to Republican Party 

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StunningArt / shutterstock.comFed up with the antics of the Democrat party in Nebraska, State Senator Mike McDonnell has jumped from the sinking ship and declared himself a Republican.   McDonnell has been a Democrat since 1984 but is frustrated by the party’s lack of respect for his pro-life stance. As a practicing Roman Catholic, the left’s views on abortion […]

NY Prisoners Sue To Watch Solar Eclipse

Of all the strange prison requests in the last decade, the prisoners in Syracuse, New York have recently come up with one of the strangest. With the prison set to go on complete lockdown for the April 8th solar eclipse, six prisoners are arguing the prison is infringing on their constitutional rights to view the […]

DeSantis vs. The Courts: Inside the Dramatic Dismissal from Martha’s Vineyard Lawsuit
Shutterstock.comLike a rejected script from a legal drama, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has managed to sidestep involvement in a lawsuit that’s as spicy as a Florida summer. Picture this: unauthorized immigrants, chartered flights, and a one-way ticket to Martha’s Vineyard. Yes, you heard that right. It seems DeSantis has perfected the art of a legal […]

Biden Strikes Again: Throws Conservative Values into the Flames

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Jon Rehg / shutterstock.comWhile Christians were busy commemorating the whole rising-from-the-dead party that is Easter, President Joe Biden, allegedly a card-carrying member of the devout Catholic club, was apparently off promoting what some are dramatically calling the “demonic ideology of transgenderism.” Yes, you read that right. On Good Friday, Biden proclaimed March 31, 2024, which coincidentally aligned with […]

Harris’ Approval Plummets: Can She Turn the Tide Before November?

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Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.comVice President Kamala Harris persists amidst criticism, attempting to tackle national issues like immigration and student loan debt forgiveness. Rather than stepping back, Harris plows forward alongside President Joe Biden, preparing for what’s expected to be a fiercely contested general election against former President Donald Trump. As the vice president serving under an older president […]