University of Delaware Lied to the Courts to Hide Joe Biden’s Alleged Rape of Tara Reade

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When Joe Biden allegedly (and viciously) raped a Senate staffer named Tara Reade, she filed a sexual assault complaint against him. Unlike in the fake rape schemes of Christine Blasey Ford and E. Jean Carroll against conservatives, there’s an actual complaint and a trail of evidence that Joe Biden assaulted Ms. Reade. The existence of that document has now come to light once again due to the special counsel report about Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents case.

Joe Biden’s records from his 36-year career of grifting in the US Senate are sealed at the University of Delaware. Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation have been trying to get those 1,850 boxes of materials unsealed for years now because the sexual assault complaint is in there. The university says that it won’t have everything cataloged until two years after Biden leaves office (or croaks).

Despite FOIA requests and lawsuits, the two organizations have been unsuccessful in getting those documents released. In special counsel Robert Hur’s report on the search for classified documents, however, Judicial Watch has discovered that the University of Delaware may have misled the courts about the reasons why they won’t release the documents.

It comes down to whether the university has its own staffers cataloging the boxes, or whether Joe Biden had his own staffers from the White House rummage through the boxes at taxpayer expense when they were trying to find his hoard of stolen classified documents.

Judicial Watch now believes the university lied to the courts, so it should revisit its lawsuit to have the boxes released to the American public. Joe Biden doesn’t want those Senate records released because somewhere in all those boxes is the rape complaint that Tara Reade filed against him. Hopefully, the courts will reopen the case and unseal the files, because the public deserves to know before the election that Joe Biden is a credibly accused sex offender.