Hunter Biden Gets a Reality Check from ‘Sugar Brother’s’ Daughter

Domenico Fornas /
Domenico Fornas /

In the latest drama surrounding the Biden family, it seems the spotlight has shifted to Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” the Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris. Reports from the New York Post suggest that Morris supports President Joe Biden’s troubled son; his family members are crying foul, urging him to step away from the mess.

The saga unfolds with Morris reportedly among those showing up in Wilmington, Delaware, at the commencement of Hunter Biden’s trial. This trial revolves around allegations that Hunter lied on a federal form to purchase a gun, conveniently omitting his drug use, which he openly discussed in his memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

According to the Post, Morris has been quite Hunter’s benefactor since their encounter in 2019. But the gravy train has hit a rocky road. Morris’s daughter, Dulcie Lou Morris, is stepping up to confront Hunter about the millions he’s been taking from her dad. In a scene straight out of a soap opera, she reportedly demanded that Hunter “stop taking advantage of my father.”

One might think family values would triumph, but it appears not. The Post’s mysterious source claims Morris’s clan is fuming over the hefty sums pumped into Hunter’s legal defense. “His entire family has abandoned him,” the source claims, painting a picture of familial betrayal fueled by financial fury.

But hold your horses, folks, because the plot thickens. Politico chimes in with an anonymous informant close to Morris, alleging that the lawyer’s intentions were noble. Supposedly, Morris saw Hunter drowning in a sea of legal troubles and decided to throw him a financial lifeline. Fast forward four and a half years, and it seems Morris is drowning himself financially. The informant paints a bleak picture: Hunter faces criminal trials with no lifeline.

Morris himself confirms the narrative, albeit with scant detail. Politico says he’s essentially tapped out, with a letter from his attorneys revealing over $6.5 million in loans to Hunter Biden, with repayment not expected until 2025. And let’s not forget the perks—$17,500 a month in rent for a beachside crib and a cool million for some questionable artwork.

But wait, there’s more! Morris’s name pops up in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, adding another layer of intrigue to this convoluted tale. Allegations fly about CIA interference in investigations involving Morris, with House Oversight and Judiciary chairs crying foul.

So, where does this leave us? With a tangled web of family drama, financial entanglements, and political intrigue, the Hunter Biden saga shows no signs of slowing down. As for Morris, it might be time for him to reconsider his role as the “sugar brother” in this real-life soap opera. Only time will tell if this family feud has a Hollywood ending or if it’s just the opening act in a never-ending political drama.

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