California Imposes Statewide Water Budgets as it Turns More into Ancient Rome Every Day

J.J. Gouin /
J.J. Gouin /

Anyone longing to see California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) step in to replace Joe Biden in this year’s presidential election should take a close look at how Newsom’s state is doing. It’s not improving. In fact, with every passing day, it seems like California is inching closer to a Roman Empire-style collapse. A state agency has just imposed a first-of-its-kind regulation on all California communities. Every community in California must now set a “water budget” that citizens must adhere to no matter what.

The State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously last week to impose a water cap on every household and apartment in California. This idea already failed spectacularly in San Francisco—so why not force it on the whole state?

Under this plan, the state’s urban utilities would have to calculate individual water amounts that every family can use inside their homes or on their lawns. Cities are also required to track commercial, industrial, and institutional landscaping water use via dedicated new irrigation meters.

The rules are expected to impact 95% of all homes and businesses in California. Compliance is mandatory beginning in 2027, and the rules and penalties for violating them become incrementally stricter until 2040. If you’re wondering whether the communists in control of California are going to play favorites with this system, you win a prize!

Under the way that the rules are written, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission won’t have to make any changes to its water conservation efforts. But those dirty farmers causing all the global warming out in the San Joaquin Valley will see their water usage cut by 58% under the plan. (Reminder: Global warming is fake.)

The dirty little secret is that California does not have a water shortage that would necessitate a water conservation effort of this size and scope. California doesn’t even have droughts, contrary to what the liars in the fake news media have said for many years. What California lacks is adequate infrastructure for its population size.

All of California’s reservoirs and infrastructure related to water were built between the 1940s and 1960s. They built the infrastructure based on the projected natural population growth of native Californians. What those experts failed to foresee was that in the 1980s, the leaders of California would start allowing record numbers of illegal aliens to pour into the state. There were already an estimated 10 million illegal aliens in California before Joe Biden ever threw the southern border wide open.

Ten million excess people is a lot of extra showers and toilet flushes every single day. It’s far more than the infrastructure was ever built to handle. This is the typical strategy of leftists. Cause a problem, blame the native population for that problem, seize more power for the government while making everyone miserable, and then claim that you’re fixing global warming.

Under the new plan, the state will fine cities up to $10,000 per day for going over their water allowance. Those fines, of course, will be passed on to families trying to do their laundry, take showers, or water their lawns. How long will it be before California’s farmers give up entirely and stop producing food, because they’re not allowed to irrigate their crops enough to break even? California will probably blame its citizens for the resulting food shortages and start rationing groceries.

Gavin Newsom could snap his fingers and put a stop to this instantly, but he won’t. He likes the plan. He wants to do this to all of America. Having Gavin Newsom in the White House would be terrible news for all the Californians who have fled the state so far. There wouldn’t be anywhere left to run to get away from Newsom and his failed policies.

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