Liberal Texan Rep Thinks Blacks Should Be Exempt From Taxes in Reparations

KUMOHD / shutterstock.comFreshman Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) wanted to make a splash during her first term in office, and her recent appearance on “The Black Lawyers Podcast” showed just that. Telling host Jehan “J” Carter about her idea, she claimed to have her a celebrity (whose name she forgot) had suggested black people stop paying taxes for […]

Joe Biden Tells the Most Brazen Lies You’ll Ever Hear about the 2nd Amendment

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Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.comJoe Biden has absolutely no positive accomplishments that he can run on in 2024. The only thing that he has to fall back on is the same empty scare tactics that Democrats always use to try to turn out their base. That means we’ll be hearing a lot of squawking about abortion and gun confiscation […]

Since Selfies Cause More Deaths Than Shark Attacks Now, It’s Time to Head to the Beach

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DavideAngelini / shutterstock.comBeing afraid of a shark attack is fairly common, preventing thousands each year from traveling to beach destinations. However, the reality of being attacked by a shark is now five times less dying by selfie. Yes, you read that correctly. Selfies officially cause more deaths each year than five years of shark attacks combined. This […]

Idaho Teen Busted While Planning Terrorist Attack

Jan H Andersen /
Jan H Andersen / shutterstock.com18-year-old Alexander Scott Mercurio found his weekend cut short as the FBI gave him a set of steel bracelets after hauling him off. Accused of plotting an attack on an Idaho church on behalf of ISIS, per the Department of Justice (DOJ). According to the DOJ’s report, it was a church near his Coeur d’Alene, […]

Is It Time to Prepare for “Worst Case” Scenario?

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zef art / shutterstock.comWhether it’s nuclear war, political unrest, World War III, or government anarchy, many believe that the country is going to “hell in a handbasket.” Are you prepared for such thing? Do you need to start preparing for the worst-case scenario? Share your thoughts with this poll: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

The Squatting TikToker Has Been Outed as a Venezuelan Spy

THICHA SATAPITANON / shutterstock.comAn illegal alien from Venezuela whose TikTok videos went viral has been arrested by ICE, and they are not letting him out of jail this time. Leonard Moreno caught the attention of authorities by posting videos that explain how to move into an unoccupied home and then claim “squatter’s rights.” What we have not been […]

USMC Leadership Shocked To Learn Single Marines Are Living in Horrible Conditions

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Straight 8 Photography / shutterstock.comOn March 15th, the Marine Corps held a service-wide barracks inspection for lower-enlisted single Marines. Looking for deficiencies in the units themselves, senior leaders were appalled at the findings. Even the worst-case scenario leaders had envisioned for the inspections paled in comparison to the results. Covering 60,000 rooms at 25 installations across the globe, many […]

As Bidenomics Fails Gen Z, They Turn to Donald Trump to Fix America

ABEMOS / shutterstock.comBoth Generation Z and millennials are abandoning the Democrat Party after Joe Biden spent the last three years deliberately destroying the American economy. “Bidenomics” has failed the younger generations in ways no one anticipated. Most of us expected things to get worse with the unelected Biden regime in charge, but this? A majority of people […]

Rescue Crews Miserable from Plucking Dead Bodies out of the Rio Grande River

Vic Hinterlang /
Vic Hinterlang / shutterstock.comOne of the hidden costs of Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce America’s immigration laws is the extreme psychological toll that it is taking on first responders. In Eagle Pass, TX, fire and rescue crews are plucking the dead bodies of men, women, and children out of the Rio Grande River every single day. Residents say […]

EPA Refused to Declare a Public Health Emergency in East Palestine, Ohio 

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IB Photography / shutterstock.comIt’s been over a year since a train derailment rocked the sleepy town of East Palestine, Ohio, and the residents of the city are still largely left on their own to struggle with the aftermath of the incident.  When the derailment occurred, a Norfolk Southern freight train pulled 149 cars, including 20 tankers marked with […]

No Luck for Hunter Biden! Judge Blocks Desperate Attempts to Dodge Tax Charges

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enciktepstudio / shutterstock.comHunter Biden’s legal battles just got fiercer as a federal judge smacked down all eight attempts to dismiss the nine federal tax charges against him. The scene was set in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi, a solid Trump pick who didn’t buy into Biden’s legal gymnastics. Hunter Biden’s legal eagles attempted to […]

Lady Justice Strikes After the LSU Women’s Basketball Walks Off for the Anthem

Roberto Michel /
Roberto Michel / shutterstock.comLady Justice’s timing never ceases to amaze. She strikes perfectly, and her timing against the LSU ladies’ basketball team was beautiful. Coached by Kim Mulkey, the team left the court, led by Angel Reese, before the National Anthem was played and did not return for it. A shocked Mulkey claimed after the game that the […]

Airman Sues Marriott for Millions After Being Raped in Hotel

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JPstock / shutterstock.comWhen servicemembers look for hotels, they’re often given per diems. There are often only two schools of thought. Either they want the cheapest room possible so they can spend more on partying, or they want something more luxurious so they can be well taken care of. When spending that extra money, they expect that certain […]

Brain Scans Reveal Dogs Understand Far More Words Than We Thought

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RavenaJuly / shutterstock.comIt’s obvious to most people that dogs are capable of understanding some human speech. Most dogs are taught to “sit” and “heel” and can recognize their names when called. But how extensive is their understanding of human speech beyond simple commands? Researchers in Hungary hooked 18 dogs up to an EEG to try to find […]

European Farmers Take Their Tractor Protest Tour to London

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Jakob Berg / shutterstock.comTaking over Parliament Square in downtown London, British farmers came out to protest the government before their upcoming elections. In their eyes Brexit put them at a significant disadvantage when it comes to selling their wares, much like the rest of Europe feels about their countries. With globalist and green energy policies decimating the very […]