Secret Service Finds FBI Wiretap Planted in Donald Trump’s Office at Mar-a-Lago

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The FBI is up to its usual dirty and illegal tricks when it comes to presidential election interference on behalf of the Democrat Party. Following the unconstitutional raid on President Donald Trump’s historic Mar-a-Lago mansion, a member of his Secret Service detail discovered a listening device that had been planted in Trump’s office. Just as Obama illegally wiretapped Trump to spy on his 2016 campaign on Crooked Hillary Clinton’s behalf, the FBI is actively spying on President Trump to help Joe Biden this year.

The nation was stunned when FBI agents raided President Trump’s home in August 2022 over some paperwork. It was an outlandish violation of a former president’s civil rights and nothing like it had ever happened before in American history. The FBI perverts rifled through Melania Trump’s underwear while pretending to look for classified documents. Melania reportedly had all her clothes taken out and burned later because she felt so violated by the FBI creeps.

It appears now the FBI was not simply looking for classified documents. They also took the opportunity when they were inside Trump’s home to plant wiretaps. As crazed prosecutor Jack Smith’s bogus classified documents investigation unfolded, he subpoenaed 24 members of Trump’s Secret Service detail to try to find anything that could be used against the president.

It was as the Secret Service agents were being interrogated in front of the grand jury that one agent reported that he had found a listening device planted in Trump’s office at Mar-a-Lago—after the raid had taken place. Trump’s office is in the same wing of Mar-a-Lago where the boxes of documents were stored.

This incident mirrors decades of illegal campaign spying that the FBI has carried out on behalf of Democrats whenever they’re running for president. In the 1940s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had J. Edgar Hoover deploy the FBI for solely political purposes on his behalf. As Roosevelt was rushing to find ways to get the USA into World War II, anyone opposed to US involvement was smeared as an “isolationist” and a possible Hitler apologist.

Note that this same smear is deployed by the Deep State to this day. Any American who doesn’t support Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine against Russia is branded an isolationist and a “Putin puppet.”

The FBI illegally wiretapped the America First Committee in New York on FDR’s orders. That was a citizens’ group that was opposed to US involvement in WWII. FDR also had the FBI spy on Senators Burton K. Wheeler, Gerald P. Nye, and David Walsh; Congressman Hamilton Fish; and historian Harry Elmer Barnes. He perceived all of them as political enemies.

Lyndon Baines Johnson used the intelligence agencies to spy on his political opponent, Barry Goldwater, during his 1964 reelection campaign. Johnson had the CIA plant a spy at Goldwater’s campaign headquarters. Meanwhile, the FBI planted a bug on Goldwater’s campaign plane. There was no legal pretext for any of this. The FBI spied on the political opponents of Democrat administrations for purely political reasons—and has been doing so for more than 80 years.

For those of us observing the witch hunt of President Trump from the outside, it’s a good reminder that his enemies will not play by any existing rules. When Trump accused Obama of wiretapping him at Trump Tower, former FBI Director James Comey was the first and most vocal Obama supporter to come out and deny it. We only found out years later during the Russia hoax investigation that Trump was telling the truth all along.

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