With Killer Drones No Longer Just Fantasy, Where Is the Line?

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Goinyk Production / shutterstock.comFor decades, science fiction writers have made a mint off pushing the limits of technology and the mind’s concepts as far as it can go. One of the first things they pushed was the idea of a computer becoming so strong it could control everything with no human intervention. This was the precursor to artificial […]

Black Chicagoans Threaten to Vote Republican if the Illegal Aliens Don’t Get Out NOW

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Jim Vallee / shutterstock.comThe Sanctuary City jig is finally up. A group of black Chicagoans held a protest outside City Hall last week to demand that the local government abandon its sanctuary city policies and deport all the illegal aliens right now. If they don’t comply, the group plans to lobby the black community in Chicago and encourage […]

NYPD Officer Put on Desk Duty for “Act of Cowardice” Caught on Camera

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Ground Picture / shutterstock.comNYPD Officer Put on Desk Duty for “Act of Cowardice” Caught on Camera When you think of police officers or military members, you probably think of heroes – you know, people willing to do whatever they can to help and save others, right? Well, it’s clear that not all officers of the law are what […]

What Hunger Games Should Teach Disney

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Hamara / shutterstock.comYou’ve probably noticed by now that Disney isn’t doing so well these days, or at least that most of their recent films haven’t performed very well with the public. In contrast, rival films made for much, much less are topping the charts. Here in the last decade or so, Disney has undoubtedly made millions, particularly […]

Social Media Actively Censors bin Laden’s 9/11 Memoir

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monticello / shutterstock.comRecently, Osama bin Laden’s memoir about 9/11 started making the rounds on social media. In a piece released in 2002, he explained why he felt justified in his actions. Now pro-Palestinian people started making the documents go viral on November 15th. Being heavily pushed across multiple platforms, Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked TikTok was the first […]

Want to Save on Holiday Shopping? Don’t Wait Until Actual Black Friday

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Pressmaster / shutterstock.comHave you started your holiday shopping yet? If you’re waiting until Black Friday or even Cyber Monday, you’re already missing out on some of the biggest sales. You see, companies have decided to throw Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the wind. There are already deals out there, and many of the top retailers are […]

EV Maker’s Stock Prices Tank After Painful News

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Andrii Zastrozhnov / shutterstock.comWe all know the political left and climate change activists are pushing “going green” and electric cars as much as possible. But the timing just isn’t right. And the fact that yet another EV manufacturer just cut production proves it. Enter Fisker, Inc. The California-based EV company just made a rather big announcement. As Reuters […]

John Kerry Promises to Spend Your Tax Dollars on Climate Reparations to Other Countries

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Drop of Light / shutterstock.comThe Biden regime’s “climate envoy” John Kerry has indicated that he’s now willing to spend even more of your tax dollars to try to fix the weather. Last Friday, Kerry spoke at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. After flying there in his private jet, Kerry announced that there was no price too high […]

Galaxies Named After Magellan to Be Renamed to Protect Space Aliens from Racism

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Zakharchuk / shutterstock.comLast week, the Year Zero communist historians in America decided that it was time to rename dozens of bird species that had been named after prominent white men from the 19th century. They’ve found a new target this week! We are assured by the Very Good People among the communists that we must now rename […]

Seattle PD Makes It Official; Protesters Have More Rights Than People Suddenly Stuck in Street Blockades

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Inna Zakharchenko / shutterstock.comWhile Seattle has been the Pacific NW epicenter of liberalism since Starbucks came out, its infectious message was largely limited to small sections of the population. Now it has infected their police department, with many of them now starting to see things like the pro-Palestinian supporters on November 11th. Taking over the corner of 4th […]

Apparently Eye Black for Football Makes White Kids Racist

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Maridav / shutterstock.comIn another “how the hell??” case, a middle school in California suspended a student wearing eye black for a football game. Commonly worn in various designs and levels, it blocks out glare and reflections while running up and down the field. While not commonly seen in other sports, it is incredibly prevalent in football. Worn […]

LAPD Now Sicking Robot Dogs on Suspects

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MikeDotta / shutterstock.comThe early morning hours of November 8th saw some of Americans’ worst Terminator-based fears come to life. As a bus rolled through Los Angeles and into Hollywood around 3:45 a.m., a man was spotted asleep with a gun at his feet. Quickly, the bus came to a stop at the intersection of Melrose and Western […]

So Much for Warning Shots Being the Answer

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Tero Vesalainen / shutterstock.comFor years now, people with anti-2A agendas have been advocating for warning shots as the answer to preventing crime. Even in President Biden’s anti-NRA speech about only needing a double-barreled shotgun, he talked about warning shots scaring threats off. Yet as an incident on November 7th proves, they don’t solve the problem. Instead, they get […]

Biden’s Unchecked Spending Spree Raises Budget Deficit to $2 Trillion 

shutterstock.comTreasury Secretary Janet Yellen revealed that the United States faces a fiscal 2023 deficit of $1.7 trillion. That would be astounding enough if it were true. When including President Joe Biden’s $300 billion in purchasing votes under the guise of student debt relief, the actual deficit balloons to $2 trillion.  In comparison, 2022’s deficit was […]

After 50 Years, the Bronx Has Had Enough of the Liberal Lies at City Council

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lev radin / shutterstock.comKristy Marmorato did the impossible for the New York City Council and flipped the Bronx seat into a Republican-held one. The 45-year-old healthcare worker campaigned on the message of helping the Bronx restore the pride it once had. She wants to see conservative values like great education and public safety come back to the city. […]