Tractor Supply Backs Off Woke LGBT Agenda After $2 Billion Stock Loss

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Alexanderstock23 /

About a month ago, filmmaker and journalist Robbie Starbuck discovered that one of the largest rural supply chains in the country had gone completely woke. Tractor Supply had hired a bunch of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) employees. The company was sponsoring homosexual “pride” events and fake global warming nonsense. Starbuck launched a boycott on Twitter/X last month and the company has already thrown in the towel.

Tractor Supply’s customer base is made up entirely of heritage Americans in rural areas. It sells farm and ranching supplies, animal feed, horse paste (ivermectin), and gardening tools. In other words, no liberal has ever set foot in a Tractor Supply store in the company’s entire history.

However, the company’s woke CEO was implementing all sorts of garbage globalist initiatives that were directly designed to destroy rural families. When Starbuck spread the word, farmers and ranchers across the country immediately started a quiet boycott.

Within two weeks, Tractor Supply’s stock price plummeted by about $2 billion. The company was getting the full Bud Light treatment—which it fully deserved.

Rather than trying to wait it out, Tractor Supply’s board of directors decided to quickly do the right thing.

Effective immediately, Tractor Supply will be doing the following:

  • Fire every employee in a DEI-related job without exception
  • Retire all corporate DEI goals
  • Cease all carbon emission goals
  • Stop funding non-business activities like pride festivals and voting drives
  • Stop submitting hiring data to the globalist Human Rights Campaign

Instead, the company says it will now focus solely on issues of importance to rural Americans. That includes veterans issues, animal welfare, ag education, and non-global warming conservation efforts.

Chalk another victory up for conservatives in the culture wars. Boycotts work!

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