Colorado Skier Earns Latest Darwin Award

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Tomas Marek / shutterstock.comCutting through the powder, streaking across the slopes, and catching some big air are just some of the things that attract people to the slopes of Colorado. For one man, these risks simply weren’t too dangerous, nor was the air high enough. He needed more to make his mark and to feel a real sense […]

CNN Reporter Reflects on People Being Happy When OJ Was Acquitted

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel / Creators.comWhen the news broke that OJ Simpson had died, it was much like when he and Al Cowlings took the white Bronco down the LA freeway- everyone was talking about it. This time, people weren’t talking about why he did it/didn’t do it. Instead, people like CNN reporter Stephanie Elam talked about OJ with reverence […]

Trump: Guilty or Innocent of the Various Accusations?

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lev radin / shutterstock.comThe liberals have been coming after Donald Trump for a LOT, and he’s on trial in quite a few states. Is he guilty or innocent? Share your thoughts now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

WATCH: The IRS is Suddenly Armed and Ready to Deal with Taxes

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Mehaniq / shutterstock.comWhy is the IRS suddenly hiring tax enforcers with guns? Get the full story:  

Georgia Woman Goes on Mission From God With a Gun

muratart /
muratart / shutterstock.comWhen “once in a lifetime” occurrences like the Hale-Bopp Comet come around, people tend to do atypical things. For many, it’s something cute like launching doves or maybe spending the day staring at the sky. This most recent solar eclipse saw many people staring through special glasses to see the eclipse as it took place. […]

Iran Spells It Out for Biden; Interfere With Their Plans for Israel at America’s Own Risk

Kanisorn Pringthongfoo /
Kanisorn Pringthongfoo / shutterstock.comMohammad Jamshidi, Iran’s deputy chief of staff for political affairs, issued a tweet on behalf of Iran that even President Biden shouldn’t be able to misinterpret. “In a written message, the Islamic Republic of Iran warned America not to fall into Netanyahu’s trap: step aside so you don’t get hit. In response, America asked Iran […]

After Apple Car Crashes They Want To Try Home Automation and Robotics

withGod /
withGod / shutterstock.comA new report from Bloomberg cites insiders with Apple as saying that the company is now shifting focus following the news that Apple Cars is dead. Instead, the company now has teams getting into personal robotics and engineers developing a robot to follow users around their homes. Unsurprisingly, an advanced tabletop device for moving displays […]

Should the GOP Unite and Back Trump?

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Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.comThere are a lot of divides between the GOP right now, but Trump is the only GOP candidate left. Is it time for the party to come together to endorse him? Take our quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

NYC Wants To Make Ends Meet by Extorting Marathon Runners

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Maridav / shutterstock.comAs the home to one of the most famous marathons in the world, along with hundreds of other races, New York City and its residents are familiar with adjusting for race day. Now, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is demanding $750k from organizers of the New York City Marathon. Better known as the New York […]

RFK Jr.’s Latest Campaign Promise: a Full Pardon for Edward Snowden

Rena Schild /
Rena Schild / shutterstock.comIndependent 2024 Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has had a rollercoaster of an election cycle. After failing to gain much momentum for the Democratic ticket, he settled on running Independently. Unveiling a new petition to have Snowden freed from allegations he committed crimes against America, RFK Jr. is keeping to an earlier campaign promised […]

Israel Admits They Are Choking Out Free Speech

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Lomb / shutterstock.comIsrael’s parliament, known as the Knesset, passed a severe new law on April 1st. One that would ensure that freedom of speech and a free press were no longer an option in Israel. Referred to as the Al Jazeera law, it’s written with language targeting the network’s operations in the country. Closing the channel for […]

Paris is Making Hobos, Hookers, and Illegals Disappear Before the Summer Olympics

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grandbrothers / shutterstock.comIt’s been more than a decade since Paris last looked as clean as it is today. All the illegal aliens, hookers, and homeless bums are vanishing at a rapid pace. It’s not because the city government in Paris suddenly started caring about their citizens. The undesirables are disappearing because Paris is hosting the Summer Olympics […]

Italy Launches Criminal Probe into a Girl’s COVID Vaccine Death

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tb-photography / shutterstock.comAs the CDC continues to declare the COVID shots to be “safe and effective” here in America, other countries are launching criminal probes into the deaths of young and healthy people after they were injected. In Italy, prosecutors have now placed a group of five doctors and additional medical staffers under a criminal investigation following […]

Scotland Stops Investigating Real Crimes to Enforce New Hate Speech Law

CLICKMANIS / shutterstock.comIn a disturbing trend that has been infecting all nations across Western civilization, Scotland has announced that its police will no longer be investigating thousands of real crimes every year. Instead, they will be investigating and prosecuting every perceived “hate crime” and imprisoning people for speech that hurts the feelings of illegal aliens. Police Scotland […]

University of Delaware Lied to the Courts to Hide Joe Biden’s Alleged Rape of Tara Reade

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mistydawnphoto / shutterstock.comWhen Joe Biden allegedly (and viciously) raped a Senate staffer named Tara Reade, she filed a sexual assault complaint against him. Unlike in the fake rape schemes of Christine Blasey Ford and E. Jean Carroll against conservatives, there’s an actual complaint and a trail of evidence that Joe Biden assaulted Ms. Reade. The existence of […]