Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for Ukrainian Dictator Zelensky

Oleksandr Osipov /
Oleksandr Osipov /

The Russian Interior Ministry has issued arrest warrants for Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky and several former top Ukrainian officials. The precise legal reason for the warrants was not listed on the Ministry’s website, but many are speculating that this could mean the end of the war is coming very soon.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted last month that the Ukrainians attacked the Crimean bridge right after Zelensky made threats to begin destroying Russian infrastructure. Peskov said this was indicative of Kyiv’s “terrorist” nature. Russia, for its part, has been remarkably restrained in avoiding civilian casualties or destroying Ukrainian civilian infrastructure throughout the war. Zelensky has not repaid that kindness.

The arrest warrant against Zelensky could signal several possibilities.

First, peace negotiations will begin as soon as Ukraine admits it has lost the war and surrenders. If Russia does strike a peace deal with Ukraine and then NATO begins its antagonistic shenanigans again, the warrant lays the groundwork for Russia to revoke the peace deal. It’s illegal under Russian law to negotiate with wanted criminals.

The second possibility is quite a bit darker. Ukraine’s swearing-in ceremony for president is slated to happen on May 21st. Zelensky, who we are constantly reassured is a champion of democracy, canceled the elections in his country and has decided to stay in power indefinitely.

Since Zelensky will be facing a total loss of legitimacy after May 21st, this could be the Kremlin signaling that it plans to simply decapitate the snake to end the war. Zelensky has already fired many of his top officials and generals for embezzling American taxpayer funds for themselves. There’s practically no one left in the upper echelons of the Ukrainian government who was legitimately elected.

Most observers who are grounded in reality agree on one thing, however. Putting Zelensky on a wanted list means that Russia believes the end of Joe Biden’s war is coming sooner rather than later.

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