At Least One Mom in NYC Refuses To Believe Her Son Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Davelees /
Davelees / shutterstock.comFrequently, when a parent is featured on the news in response to their child committing a crime, they are often depicted as claiming their child is harmless. Continuously blaming everyone but themselves or their child, they refuse to take accountability for what transpired, or even in trying to make it right. 56-year-old Beverly Parks of […]

Court Upholds Catholic School’s Right to Sack Gay Teacher for Online Behavior

demm28 /
demm28 / shutterstock.comIn a twist that might make some roll their eyes, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, has come to the rescue of Charlotte Catholic High School and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte. They’ve reversed a pesky 2021 ruling that had the audacity to suggest the school and diocese violated a […]

Average Credit Card Debt in the US Soars Past $6,500

Melnikov Dmitriy /
Melnikov Dmitriy / shutterstock.comMillions of Americans are now relying on credit card debt just to survive after Joe Biden deliberately crashed the economy. A newly released survey from Scholaroo shows that the average amount of credit card debt that families are carrying has skyrocketed to $6,555 per household. Scholaroo surveyed more than 2,000 households across the country during […]

Free Booze for Alcoholics at Taxpayer Expense in San Francisco

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monticello / shutterstock.comIt’s hard to imagine that San Francisco, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy along with the rest of California, could have found another way to waste taxpayer money for another unsustainable program. Still, the City by the Bay has done it again. San Francisco has launched a program that gives free alcohol to homeless alcoholics […]

Biden Replaced on the Ballot: Should the DNC Make the Swap?
Shutterstock.comWould the best thing for the US be for the DNC to swap Biden out with a more competent Democratic candidate? Share your thoughts now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Oakland Residents Are Tired of Losing to Criminals – Gun Club Applications Soaring

Root Couture /
Root Couture / shutterstock.comAs gangs and street thugs armed with illegal weapons continue to take advantage of law-abiding citizens, many in Oakland, California, have had enough. Watching businesses and opportunities leave their city faster than the moving trucks can show up, they are tired of the crime and fear as they walk down the street. Now, according to […]

$10 Million Bounty on Russian Hacker for Extortion

vchal /
vchal / shutterstock.comAmerican prosecutors have opted to charge an absent Russian national for his role as the source of one of the most sophisticated and widespread ransom wear attacks back in 2019. As announced by the Department of Justice (DOJ), they also are offering a $10 million bounty for his arrest. 31-year-old Dmitry [Yuryevich] Khoroshev faces 26 […]

Shocking Reports of Chinese Electric Cars Piling Up at EU Ports

Vladimir Tretyakov /
Vladimir Tretyakov / shutterstock.comIt appears that communist China might have made a massive misstep in its efforts to destroy Western automakers. Ports across the European Union are suddenly packed with a glut of cheap, Chinese-made electric vehicles that no one wants to buy. The pictures and videos on social media tell a grim tale of what China had […]

Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for Ukrainian Dictator Zelensky

Oleksandr Osipov /
Oleksandr Osipov / shutterstock.comThe Russian Interior Ministry has issued arrest warrants for Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky and several former top Ukrainian officials. The precise legal reason for the warrants was not listed on the Ministry’s website, but many are speculating that this could mean the end of the war is coming very soon. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted […]

New Report Says Climate Activists Are Full of Hot Air

AlessandroBiascioli /
AlessandroBiascioli / shutterstock.comFor ages now, liberals, tree-hugging hippies, and skeptics have refused to look at the facts of the globe objectively. It’s widely known and accepted that the planet started warming naturally 300 years ago, and through industrialization in the 19th century, the CO2 levels in the atmosphere started to rise. Even the fact that the economic […]

US Troops Pulled Out of Chad As Another African Nation Boots Us Out

Bumble Dee /
Bumble Dee / shutterstock.comUnbeknownst to many Americans, we have US troops spread out all over the globe. With many of them being stationed on small bases, outposts, or in some of the most austere locations imaginable, it’s no wonder it’s kept secret. Among them was a collection of Special Operations troops from various components stationed in Chad. Now, […]

Another Mass Stabbing in an Anti-Gun Nation Proves Guns Prevent Stabbings

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denniro / shutterstock.comLiberals across the US love using island countries like England in their anti-gun crusade. Using skewed stats and selective data analysis, they make a horrible case for trying to remove the Second Amendment from the fabric of the American way of life. Proclaiming guns cause violence, they forget that guns stop violence even more often. […]

LA Shop Owner Trying New Shaming Tactics Against Criminals: Targeting Both Lawmakers and Thieves

Dmitry Demidovich /
Dmitry Demidovich / shutterstock.comIn the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, there’s a lifestyle store named Kitson that has been a fixture for decades. Owner Fraser Ross has hosted a variety of clients there. A veritable list of who’s who, including Britney Spears, who dropped in for a 2 am shopping spree just before being committed. The […]

Are You Up on the Latest Jargon?
Shutterstock.comWith so many new words being tossed around, do you know what they all mean? Take our quiz to find out: Can’t see the quiz? Click HERE.

Jerry Seinfeld Goes Off on “Extreme Left” for Ruining Comedy

Nounpusher Photography /
Nounpusher Photography / shutterstock.comYou know things are bad on the political left when your own is calling you out on it. That’s what happened on Friday when Jerry Seinfeld, a longtime Democrat and left leaner, appeared on David Remnik’s “The New Yorker Radio Hour.” During this time, Seinfeld quite clearly blames the political left for ruining comedy as […]

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