Biden Weaves Another Lie Into His Tapestry of Untruths to Appeal to Jewish Voters 

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Anderson Piza / shutterstock.comBiden, the truck-driving Greek Puerto Rican Catholic who attended Black churches and was front and center at Ground Zero the day after 9/11, has decided that claiming a Jewish experience is a great addition to his ever-expanding book of lies.  President Biden’s recent assertion of being “brought up in the synagogues” of Delaware continues a […]

France May Yank the iPhone 12 Off the Market Because Radiation Levels Too High

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leungchopan / shutterstock.comFrench regulators have ordered Apple to yank the iPhone 12 off the market after the two-year-old phone suddenly started testing too high for radiation levels. Apple is disputing the order right now but can’t seem to explain why this particular iteration of the iPhone is suddenly failing to pass European Union regulations aimed at radiation […]

Subway Creates 3-Inch Sub as Inflation Continues

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Birch Photographer / shutterstock.comAs inflation continues to inhibit the economy, the Subway sandwich chain is introducing a new “mini-sub” in the hopes that people can still afford to buy from them. To be clear, the mini-sub is only available in Pakistan, where inflation has hit record levels this summer. According to Chew Boom, a restaurant news website, the […]

MSNBC Won’t Rest Unless Trump Gets Epsteined

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monticello / shutterstock.comMSNBC Columnist Dean Obeidallah was joined by Mediaite Reporter Tommy Christopher on a September 8th edition of his XM Radio show, and he brought out his hard left-wing commentary to talk about Trump. Obeidallah has been increasingly critical of Trump, and conservatives as a whole. Proclaiming Trump needed prison for life, and for parole to […]

Biden Temper Tantrum Backfires: Democrats May Be Forced to Write In His Name on Ballots / / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden’s attempt to one-up his competition by overhauling the nominating calendar is causing New Hampshire a procedural headache. Biden strategically initiated an overhaul to place South Carolina in the number one spot on the nomination calendar because its diverse demographics played a pivotal role in Biden’s 2020 nomination. New Hampshire was moved to […]

Biden Suddenly Tries to Classify Mussels as Endangered to Stop Texas Border Buoys

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Damsea / shutterstock.comThe Biden regime is suddenly trying to classify two species of mussels, which only exist in the Rio Grande River in Texas, as endangered. House Republicans are crying foul since the timing of this is so suspicious. Governor Greg Abbott has placed border buoys in the river to stop Joe Biden’s flood of illegal aliens. […]

Bidenflation and Horrible Infrastructure Sends Furniture Sales Plummeting

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Nomad_Soul / shutterstock.comEven though many people are stuck at home, they simply aren’t buying furniture like they used to. Last week a pair of luxury furniture manufacturers announced massive sales slumps compared to 2022 were impacting them greatly. September 7th,  RH reported a 19% drop in their revenue for the second quarter. Not to be outdone, on […]

Illegal Alien Couples Immediately Start Collecting a $53K Welfare Salary Just for Crossing the Border

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Prazis Images / shutterstock.comThe Biden regime has now added an even sweeter incentive for foreign hordes to flood America. An illegal alien couple with two kids can now collect a larger welfare salary from the Biden regime than a retired couple who paid into Social Security for their entire careers. This news comes right as Joe Biden is […]

UK Cops Overwhelmed by ‘Monkey Dust’ Drug That Gives Junkies Superpowers

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MDrzal / shutterstock.comPolice forces in small towns in the UK are being overwhelmed by the proliferation of ‘monkey dust,’ a type of meth that gives homeless junkies what seems like superpowers. The situation has gotten so bad that Parliament is considering rescheduling monkey dust as a Class A drug, meaning dealers caught possessing it would face life […]

Is That Baghdad or Beverly Hills? With Democrats Getting Their Way, It’s Hard To Tell

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nito / shutterstock.comGoing for a cruise along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, and it no longer looks like the fashion and luxury mecca of the US. Even back in 2008, when the economy was tanking across the nation, Beverly Hills still looked unaffected. When the Santa Ana winds brought the LA wildfires into the peaks, their […]

As Small Town Police Departments Fade Away, the Mainstream Thinks It’s a Good Thing / / shutterstock.comSince the pandemic, but especially since Biden took office, the American police force has been under fire as the liberals sound the trumpets to defund the police. While they try to put a hat on the pig, this process isn’t doing anything good for the American people. If anything, it is making things more difficult […]

Dr Jill Biden Knows Too Much; Suddenly Has COVID as President Escapes It

AF Branco /
AF Branco / Creators.comAfter being one of the ringleaders pushing the vaccine down people’s throats, Dr. Jill Biden has been diagnosed with COVID multiple times at this point. First announced on September 4th, the news was released shortly after President Biden spoke to the Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, without Jill by his side. On […]

Chicago Baseball Stadium Shooter Hid the Gun in Her WHAT?!

Joseph Hendrickson /
Joseph Hendrickson / shutterstock.comYou probably saw the video of the incident at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago on August 25th. During a Major League Baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Oakland Athletics, a gunshot rang out in the stands. Two women were shot. The crowd stampeded to try to get away from the gunfire. It’s […]

Trump Has Half of the Republican Vote for the 2024 Elections Already Sewn Up
shutterstock.comFollowing the first GOP primary debate, much of the news was about former President Donald Trump and his balking at the idea of sharing the stage with other candidates. This decision as well as the statement that he would be boycotting all the debates was the main headline. For the candidates who had participated, this […]

The Left’s War on Women Is a Feminist’s Nightmare 

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Jacob Lund / shutterstock.comOn August 26th, the nation observed Women’s Equality Day, a significant occasion that marks the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s adoption. This pivotal amendment, formally ratified on August 18, 1920, gave women the fundamental legal right to vote.   The Biden administration continued the tradition of honoring Women’s Equality Day, with Biden declaring, “On this day, we […]