Joe Biden Defiantly Claims He Didn’t Contribute To Record Illegal Immigration While Overseeing Historic Levels At US-Mexico Border

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While President Joe Biden defends his administration’s approach to immigration, records continue to be broken at the United States-Mexico border. In an exclusive interview with Time Magazine, Biden denied responsibility for the surge in illegal migration despite having rolled back numerous policies implemented during the previous presidency.

According to data from federal authorities, Biden will surpass ten million total migrant encounters between fiscal years 2021 and 2024 – marking unprecedented numbers. However, when questioned about the potential impact of his decisions regarding illegal immigration, Biden stated, “If I was wrong, it’s because I took too long.”

Reports suggesting Biden may reinstate the controversial ‘Stay in Mexico’ policy were dismissed by the president himself who confirmed there are no plans to bring it back. Among other significant shifts since assuming office, Biden halted the progression of building a border wall along the southern boundary (which began under Trump) and discontinued Central America cooperation deals designed to prevent asylum claims within US territory after initial applications being filed elsewhere.

Additionally, Biden terminated the use of Title 42 public health order and established a large-scale catch-and-release system accompanied by a parole program enabling migrants access to the US interior upon arrival at the southern border.

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