NY Home Depot Hires Guards and K9s to Defend Against Aggressive Illegal Aliens

VAKS-Stock Agency / shutterstock.com
VAKS-Stock Agency / shutterstock.com

Life in America has deteriorated so badly under Joe Biden that New York Home Depot stores are now hiring armed guards and K9 units to protect customers from aggressive illegal aliens. Apologists for the illegals claim that they’re just looking for day labor jobs, but for customers, it has turned shopping at Home Depot into a nightmare. The illegals often rob customers in the parking lot, stealing items right out of their shopping carts.

Armed guards were out in force at a Home Depot in New Rochelle, NY, this week. They were fitted with bulletproof vests and had a large German shepherd on a leash.

“It’s more about omnipresence,” one of the guards told the New York Post. “It’s not like we let them go bite anyone or anything.”

It’s unclear whether he was talking about the German shepherd or the illegal aliens.

“It’s not just because of [illegal aliens], but because of a myriad of other things too, like people breaking into cars, that kind of stuff,” continued the guard unconvincingly. Everyone knows the guards are primarily there because of the criminal invaders.

Depending on which Home Depot you go to, there could be anywhere between 30 and 100 illegal aliens hanging out in the parking lot. It’s like this in every so-called sanctuary city in the country now. They loiter all day in the parking lots to either steal from the customers or to take on a day labor job (thus stealing a job from an American worker each time) with construction crews that stop in to purchase building materials.

A New York Post reporter observed the illegal aliens in New Rochelle aggressively confronting shoppers as they came out of the store. They tried to sell the customers fake Apple Airpods or earn unsolicited tips just for lifting items out of the shopping cart and into their car.

“You come out and you’re a woman by yourself, they literally leech onto your wagon, and you’re like, ‘No, I don’t need any help,’” said one Home Depot employee. “And when they’re following you to your car, it’s unnerving.”

The employee said a female supervisor was unfortunate to witness one of the illegals washing his genitals in the parking lot with a water bottle. Multiple women have now called customer service at the New Rochelle Home Depot to complain of being robbed by illegal aliens in the parking lot.

“I came to work one day and there had to be 100 guys out here,” said the employee. “And I’m like, ‘Oh, my God!’”

One member of the New Rochelle city council told the Post that the “migrants” are simply “day laborers” who are “trying to earn an honest living.”

This mindset from our politicians is destroying our country. There’s nothing honest about breaking into someone else’s country illegally, stealing jobs from the natives who live there, robbing their wives in the parking lot if they’re unlucky enough to have to shop alone, and exposing your genitals. If the city of New Rochelle cared about its citizens, it would tell some of the rough boys from the local police department to go to the parking lot every day and make things uncomfortable until the illegals go away—preferably to nearby Canada.

This is just one more indication of how badly Americans’ quality of life has degraded under the unelected Biden regime. Home Depot stores now have to hire armed security guards and K9s to keep the invaders in line and prevent customers from being robbed.

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