Illegals Working Illegal Jobs for $3K a Month as Taxpayers Pay All Their Bills

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Johnstocker Production / shutterstock.comIllegal aliens from Venezuela, who are being housed in New York City, have been illegally working for companies like Uber and Home Depot for up to $3,000 a month in income. This means that these people, who are not even supposed to be in the country in the first place, are ripping the American taxpayers […]

EV Drivers Tapped to Pay Hefty Fees to Balance Lost Gas Tax Revenue 

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Andrey_Popov / shutterstock.comSen. Deb Fischer (R-NE) is actively looking for ways to make purchasing EVs just a little more painful in the days of President Joe Biden’s climate-change-fueled insanity, and it looks like she found just the thing.  While Fischer’s bill is called the “Stop EV Freeloading Act,” its intention is anything but amusing to those looking to […]

Want To Take Down a Casino? Do It From Home With a Phone Call

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Kobby Dagan / shutterstock.comFrom the original Ocean’s Eleven with the Rat Pack to the theme of Andy’s book in Funny Farm (an underrated Chevy Chase film btw), all men have dreamt of knocking over a casino with their buddies at some point. For most, this never surpasses being an intrusive thought or maybe a fantasy amplified by some […]

The Key for Retirement Isn’t Stocks and Bonds, but THIS Shiny Commodity

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zimmytws / shutterstock.comAs the American people stand by and watch President Biden destroy the nation from the inside out, we are all concerned for different reasons. Some of us have seen the changes these stronger storms have had on our land, or we’ve been victimized by the horrific tax increases we are suffering under his leadership. For […]

News Flash: Most Voters Don’t Care About Trans Issues

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GAS-photo / shutterstock.comIf you were to look at the way the liberals push the trans issue, it affects a significant percentage of the population. They would have you believe that there are kids in elementary, middle, and high school changing their gender left and right. The reality is that only about five percent of young adults identify […]

Navy Stops Drag Queen Recruitment Program When It Discovers Enlistees Just Aren’t That Into Drag Queens

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Militarist / shutterstock.comAll branches of the military have been failing to meet recruiting goals ever since the 2020 election was stolen and Joe “Mr. Popularity” Biden was installed in the White House. To make up for the shortfall, the Navy started a new Digital Ambassador Pilot Program in 2022. This program was designed to use a novel […]

CIA Caught Bribing Its Own Discovery Team to Change Its Findings About Origins of COVID 

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mucahiddinsenturk / shutterstock.comRepublicans have intensified their inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, pressing the Biden administration and other key figures to turn over documents or potentially face subpoenas. This escalation coincides with revelations from a CIA whistleblower who informed Congress that the agency had incentivized its analysts to assert that COVID-19 did not originate in a Wuhan […]

Beijing Leaders Going Missing at Historic Levels

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Overearth / shutterstock.comAs first reported by the Wall Street Journal on September 15th, Chinese defense minister Li Shangfu has disappeared out of nowhere like other Chinese leaders. After not being seen for months, a US intelligence asset has reported Li was removed from his post serving as defense minister and is under intense questioning from Chinese Communist […]

Rudy Giuliani Walks Out of 9/11 Ceremony Because of Kamala’s Disgraceful Behavior

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Al Teich / shutterstock.comFor the first time since 9/11 happened 22 years ago, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliana walked out of the remembrance ceremony early. He didn’t leave out of disrespect for the victims of that day. He left from disgust at the appalling behavior of Kamala Harris and the Biden White House delegation. Joe Biden […]

NY Ammunition Background Checks Take Effect As Governor Hochul Makes NY Even Weaker

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Kim Kuperkova / shutterstock.comGovernor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) took things personally in 2022 by signing a metric ton of new gun initiative bills following a mass shooting at a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, NY, and the Uvalde school shooting just 10 days later. The way she tried explaining her decimation of the Second Amendment as a way to […]

CIA Whistleblower: COVID’s Wuhan Origins Were Suppressed by Paying Off Analysts

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Wetzkaz Graphics / shutterstock.comWe’ve all known or at least supposed that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, during a lab leak. But, according to a CIA whistleblower, the agency suppressed proof of this for a while by paying off their own analysts to change their opinions. As the New York Post claims, this “senior-level CIA” whistleblower recently testified before […]

Taxpayers to Fund Quentin Tarantino’s Final Film

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Andrea Raffin / shutterstock.comAs I am sure you are well aware, the US has a lot of national debt. Similarly, most US states owe various parties a high dollar amount. Despite demanding the highest amount in taxes, California happens to rank near the top. And yet, it’s choosing to put forth millions in taxpayer funds not to pay […]

Newsom Announces “Caretaker” for Feinstein’s Position

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Rob Crandall / shutterstock.comIt seems Dianne Feinstein is officially on her way out… As you may know, the ailing California senator has been struggling with several health issues for a while now, often requiring her to spend weeks at a time out of her office and “off” work. Naturally, this means that the brunt of the demands of […]

Warning: Finger Guns Can Lead to Suspension

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Irina Levitskaya / shutterstock.comIf you’ve ever played cops and robbers as a kid or even signaled to a co-worker that they were onto something good, you’ve likely made “finger guns” at someone. It’s a harmless way to pretend as though your fingers are a gun. And if you’re really into it, you may even give the end of […]

Traffic Injuries up 500 Percent in Canada After Legalizing Pot

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Daniel Avram / shutterstock.comEver since Canada legalized smoking dope, the country has seen a massive 500% increase in the number of traffic-related injuries FOR SOME REASON. Can anyone help solve this big mystery? Over the same time period, the number of alcohol-related crashes with injuries has remained virtually unchanged. This means that the entire increase since 2010 can […]