Biden’s IRS Bludgeoned Record Numbers of Americans in 2023

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If you owe taxes to the IRS every year, then this story won’t exactly be “breaking news” for you. Joe Biden’s IRS goons hammered Americans with some of the worst taxes and penalties in history in 2023. Contrary to the lies from the White House and the media, tax rates increased for every tax bracket in 2023. If you get a refund each year, you probably noticed that it was much smaller than expected. Even though Biden hasn’t managed to hire all of his army of 87,000 new IRS agents yet, they’re squeezing money out of Americans like never before.

Tax penalties for FY2023 were vastly increased over FY2022. On top of what it collected in taxes, the IRS sucked another $7 billion out of Americans’ pockets in the form of penalties. That’s a 300% increase over the year before. The IRS also performed a record number of audits on Americans.

Biden always brags about how he’s going to send the IRS after the rich, but that’s not what happened in FY2023. The vast majority of people who were targeted with fines and penalties were freelancers and gig economy workers. The IRS despises freelancers and gig workers because it believes these people are “stealing” from the government.

The Democrat Party hates freelancers and gig economy workers because they are independent and often entrepreneurial. They’d rather have every American worker slogging away at a job that requires them to be in a labor union. That way, their forced union dues can be funneled back to the Democrat Party in the form of campaign donations.

Talk to almost any freelancer and they’ll tell you the same thing. Their taxes went up dramatically in 2023, even if they made less money than in 2022. Because they didn’t have a crystal ball and were unable to guess how much their taxes would go up, the IRS hammered them with penalties for underestimating their owed taxes. You just can’t win with these monsters.

In 2022, the average penalty imposed on taxpayers for underestimating their taxes was $150. In 2023, the average skyrocketed 333%, to $500. Anyone who missed the tax deadline was fined either $485 or more. For Americans who underpaid their taxes, the penalty jumped from 3% in 2022 to 8% in 2023.

If you can’t afford to pay the IRS what you owe, you get treated like a criminal. The IRS accepts no excuses, and it grants no favors in this area. Taxpayers owe interest on payments that are not made in full. Anyone who disregards paying their taxes gets a fine of either 10% of the amount owed or $630.

What makes all of this even more infuriating is that Joe Biden keeps sending our tax dollars overseas. The money that the IRS is extracting from taxpayers isn’t even being used for our own country’s benefit. We have bridges and dams collapsing in America and we can’t even get those repaired. Joe Biden has plenty of money to send to Ukraine so that Volodymyr Zelensky can buy another oceanfront casino with it. Taking care of Americans is the very last concern that he has.

If you think it’s bad now, you should know that Joe Biden is planning more than $5 trillion in new tax increases in 2025. Americans are already being bled dry by Biden’s inflationary policies and higher taxes. Many families won’t be able to survive a second Biden term in the White House if that should come to pass.

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