TikTok CEO Admits the Company Is Always Watching You

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diy13 / shutterstock.comDespite being around since 2016 and available under the TikTok name internationally since 2017, the Chinese social media platform has only really been a big thing here in the US since the COVID pandemic of 2020. While videos from the platform started becoming more common around 2019, the pandemic and people’s need to communicate changed […]

Kari Lake Scores a Major Legal Victory

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lev radin / shutterstock.comAs you likely know, Kari Lake is amid some pretty big legal battles in Arizona. But don’t you, for a second, believe the hype that she is losing. Sure, she’s suffered a few losses. But she’s also been given a few wins. And those wins just might make all the difference. The most recent comes […]

Biden Admin is Caught Releasing Chinese Illegals Into the US…

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Sean K / shutterstock.comBy now, you’ve heard all too much about our nation’s immigration problems at the southern border. Hordes of illegals are crossing the border daily, filling up border facilities, using already strained resources, and making their way toward communities near you. And if that wasn’t bad enough, we now have proof that Biden’s border patrol agents […]

Disney Sacks 4,000 Employees With a Focus on Sports News Icon ESPN

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IgorGolovniov / shutterstock.comFor the last few years, the “House of Mouse” can’t seem to stop hemorrhaging money. From raising ticket costs to taking on absurdly structured partnerships, c-suite executives just keep making poor decisions in the hopes of making up for rampant failures as well as the lasting impact of the COVID closures. Yet, each step they […]

Senators are Furious Biden is Paying to NOT Build the Wall

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wael alreweie / shutterstock.comWe all know that Democratic President Joe Biden has no intention of building a wall at our southern border or even finishing the one that is partially there. However, did you know that he’s also paying out a whopping amount of money on a daily basis to prevent it all from happening.? It’s true, according […]

Why Things Will Never Go Back to Normal, Thanks to Biden

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Salma Bashir Motiwala / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t heard, a major US bank failed last week, threatening to leave its depositors in a lurch. But rather than letting the market do what it will, Democratic President Joe Biden and his administration stepped in, promising to provide protection for larger investors and depositors. Basically, anyone with over $250,000 got their money […]

Russian Jets Target and Attack USAF Drone Over International Waters

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Media_works / shutterstock.comMarch 14th saw a USAF drone taken out by Russian aircraft as it operated over international waters over the Black Sea. Attacked by two Russian Sukhoi 27 fighter jets, the fighters took unusual, and almost cartoonish actions to take down the unmanned drone. The US European Command (EUCOM) explanation of the MQ-9 “Reaper” going down […]

Fox News Should Be Banned for US Troops?

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Camilo Concha / shutterstock.comIt’s no secret that Fox News is a fan favorite; ratings alone show it consistently outperforms its more liberal counterparts. And that is why hellbent leftists like California Democrat and US Representative Eric Swalwell are proposing that it be banned for US military members. Yes, you read that correctly. According to an MSNBC interview with […]

Failed Athlete Turned “Activist” Calls His Adoptive Parents “Racist”

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Bryan Regan / shutterstock.comColin Kaepernick is probably one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL from the last 50 years. While his initial burst into American living rooms was for the San Francisco 49ers, over the last 5 years though, his name has been synonymous with his ideas of everything in America being “racist” than with his […]

Democratic-Backed Think Tank Knows How Trump Can Win

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PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / shutterstock.comYou’ve got experts on both sides of the political aisle trying to figure out all the possible scenarios for the 2024 presidential election which is just 20 months away. Two of the most important questions right now are who will challenge Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, and who might challenge Donald Trump from the […]