Watch: Rep. Paul Gosar Questions Former Acting AG Rosen, “Who Executed Ashli Babbitt?”

(Liberty Bell) – There are still many unanswered questions regarding what happened on January 6 at the Capitol. The left’s narrative is that violent and unruly Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempted insurrection. The reality is much less black and white. The left has also been insisting that the rabid group of Trump […]

“Vulgar” Anti-Biden Billboard Hilariously Triggers Maryland Democrats

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats can sure dish it out but they definitely can’t take it. A billboard in Maryland that has placed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s heads over piles of what appears to be dog excrement, is triggering Democrats. “Don’t blame Trump! You are stuck with these two s***heads,” the sign, located off Route […]

Breaking: Maricopa County Elections Officials Deleted Entire Database From Voting Machines

(Liberty Bell) – The audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results has turned into a complete debacle. The left is doing everything they can to protect the fraudulent results and the Biden regime. Just last week it was revealed that the Maricopa County Election Board could not provide the auditors with the passwords to access […]

Outspoken COVID Skeptic Dr. Cole Warns “We’ve Seen More Deaths From This Shot Than All Vaccines In The Last 20 Years Combined”

(Liberty Bell) – Medicine has become politicized thanks to the COVID-19 ordeal that has divided the country. Either medical professionals wholly accept the left’s COVID narrative or they’re silenced, ostracized and bullied. It’s unclear if medical professionals are pushing the COVID hoax out of fear of being made into a pariah or if they genuinely […]

Michigan Attorney DePerno Says Software To Manipulate Vote Totals Found On Antrim County Voting Machines

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the fact that the mainstream media outlets refuse to cover the fraud and corruption that took place in the 2020 election and they refuse to report on the efforts to uncover it all, it’s happening all around the country. Conservatives are fighting in multiple states to get to the bottom of […]

GOP Demands That Democrats Be Investigated Over False Jan. 6 Capitol “Reconnaissance” Claims

(Liberty Bell) – The Jan. 6 Capitol riot is still being discussed in Congress but this time it’s Republicans demanding answers and accountability. On Tuesday, House Republicans filed an ethics complaint against House Democrats who made false accusations against members of the GOP saying they gave constituents “reconnaissance” tours the day before the Jan. 6 […]

Unhinged Antifa Protester Declares “I Can’t Wait Until Black People Lynch White People!”

(Liberty Bell) – The 21st century fight for “equality” has been a farce from the beginning. What the radical left wants has nothing to do with “equal rights,” which every American citizen has, and it has nothing to do with improving black lives or black communities. Black people are being used as pawns and foot […]

Biden Regime Funding Massive Attacks Against Israel With Restart Of $235 Million Aid To Palestinians

(Liberty Bell) – In just the few short months of the Joe Biden regime, America has begun to utterly crumble. Not only is America breaking down and being destroyed by Biden and the radical Democrats, the world is falling into turmoil. It’s amazing what President Trump accomplished while in office and it’s truly amazing what […]

120 Of America’s Finest Generals Have Delivered A Frightening Message: U.S. Might Not Survive Biden’s Assault On The Constitution

(Liberty Bell) – A letter that has been signed by a whopping 120 retired military leaders who served this nation during some of its darkest days are now warning the whole country that the United States may not survive the current assault on the Constitution that has been launched by President Joe Biden. According to […]

Witness From Maricopa County Testifies Dominion Ran The Whole Election; County Officials, Observers, Never Had Access Or Passwords

(Liberty Bell) – Months ago, on November 30, 2020, Jan Bryant, a Maricopa County elections witness, testified before the Arizona legislature. Bryant, who has a very strong background in project management, stated that she was shocked to see the things she witnessed during the 2020 election in Maricopa County. A new report from Gateway Pundit, […]

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