New Report Reveals Printing Companies That Supplied Ballots In 2020 Election Might Be Just As Responsible In Altering Election Results As Voting Machine Companies

(Liberty Bell) – New reports from Gateway Pundit have revealed that printing companies who supplied the ballots that were used for the 2020 presidential election might be just as guilty of fraudulent acts as the voting machine companies who have seemingly used technology to help flip votes from former President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. […]

Steve Bannon Goes Off On AG Garland, “You’re The Ones Who Are Going To Have Criminal Penalties!” (Video)

(Liberty Bell) – Steve Bannon, host of the War Room podcast and former Trump strategist, invited Arizona House Rep. member Mark Finchem onto his show Saturday morning to discuss the ongoing audit in Arizona. The two, also joined by Peter Navarro, gave reaction to the Attorney General Merrick Garland’s unconstitutional threat to criminally charge state […]

President Trump Slams DOJ Over Threats To Interfere With Arizona Audit, “… They Know What Was Done”

(Liberty Bell) – When President Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, Democrats cried that it was rigged and that Trump won because of “Russian collusion.” We had to listen to that for years. The FBI investigated. Congress held hearings. The House voted to impeach Trump. In the end it all turned out to be one […]

Breaking: Reporter Who Revealed The Truth Of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story Has Been Found Dead In His Apartment

(Liberty Bell) – There’s been rumors for years now that former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, who is a twice-failed presidential candidate herself, have been involved in some pretty sick and twisted forms of corruption, and in order to protect themselves from legally facing the consequences of these actions, have made sure that […]

Watch: Democrat Maxine Waters Is Being Served By GOP Member Joe Collins Who Has Accused Her Of Defamation And Illegal Voting Practices

(Liberty Bell) – Republican Joe Collins is taking Rep. Maxine Waters, the crazy left-wing nut who has called for violence and harassment against Trump supporters in the past, to the woodshed as he challenges her for her congressional seat for the second time in the midterms held next year. According to Gateway Pundit, the first […]

New Developing Story Reveals Same Suspicious SQL Software In Michigan Dominion Machines Has Been Found In PA Machines

(Liberty Bell) – An election assessment was conducted and completed in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County and published back in February of 2021. The assessment discovered the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion voting machines that were used for the election in the county. According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, analysts examined […]

Watch: Eric Greitens At AZ Audit “I Think We’re Going To See A Freight Train Of Audits Across The Country”

(Liberty Bell) – On Saturday morning, former Missouri Governor and Navy SEAL Eric Greitens took a tour of the historic Arizona audit going on in Phoenix at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum after meeting with some members of the Arizona legislature. A delegation of Wisconsin representatives also toured the facility and we can only hope that […]

“One Nation Under Allah” – School Board Member Calls For ‘Jihad’ At High School Graduation (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – A high school graduation in Virginia was hijacked by Islamist radicals last week but don’t expect any national outrage. Jihad-promoting Islamists are allies of the radical left and substituting “Allah” for “God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is just part of embracing “diversity” in woke America. One school board member gave […]

Creep Alert: Biden Struggles To Keep His Hands Off British PM Boris Johnson’s Young Wife

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden, along with his wife, arrived in Cornwall on Thursday so that he could participate in the G7 summit, where he once again showed the world that aside from being the commander-in-chief of the greatest nation on earth, he’s also a colossal creep who can’t seem to keep his hands […]

Steve Bannon Goes Off After FBI Director Wray Lies Under Oath On Agency’s Coronavirus Investigation

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before Congress and outright lied to the American people about what he knew in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak. Wray avoided discussing specifics about the FBI’s investigation of the possibility that the virus was made in and escaped from a Wuhan lab, when he was […]

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