Biden Gets Muted as His Mental Instability Gets Displayed

President Biden continues to say things off-script. It’s embarrassing for him, the administration, and the entire nation. Yet, those on Capitol Hill believe that he is the savior – and they’ll let him continue to embarrass us as opposed to disposing of him through the 25th Amendment. It’s not surprising that it’s easier to mute the […]

Israel Considers Sending Armed Transformer-Like Robots Into Battle…Seriously

The biggest tragedy of any war is the loss of lives. Excluding civilian casualties, the waring parties charge at one another until one side suffers enough death to cause them to retreat. Then it starts over again the next day, and the day after that, until one of the warring parties waves a tattered white […]

AOC Taken to the Cleaners As This Democrat Slashes Into Her Regarding Her Stance on Bill

The Democratic Party is fractured to the core because of their beloved president Joe Biden. On one side of the room, the progressives love the man to death because he is giving them everything their Islamic hearts desire. And then on the other side are the moderates. And they are the ones that cannot get […]

Chicago Experiences Another Deadly Weekend with 64 People Shot and 9 Dead

The streak of violence in far-left cities across the country continues and Chicago is at the front of the pack. There were 64 people shot in the Windy City over the weekend and nine of them were killed. This number includes a 12-year-old boy who was shot by his mother after a disagreement about a […]

Biden Goes Rogue Sidestepping the Legislative Process

Joe Biden has done the unthinkable by announcing to the world that he is done working with the legislative process. The impeachable offenses of his executive orders will keep his legal team active in court for the rest of his sorry term. He has not said it with his mouth, but his actions indeed speak […]

Biden Jumps in Bed With Gavin Newsom As Recall Draws Closer

Joe Biden’s ineptness continues to grow as it becomes a never-ending saga story for the world to watch. The media is well-trained to present the old man as some fake savior. But his deception works to present him as nothing more than a selfish Democrat looking to make a name for himself in the world. […]

Racist President Uses Civil Rights as Excuse to Force Red States Into Submission

Joe Biden and his administration have redefined what civil rights is all about. His administration uses civil rights violations as reasons to investigate Republican states and their refusal to force kids to wear masks while sitting in school. Their cry is that students with disabilities are being abused because they do not want to mask […]

Democrats Find Final Way to Disrespect Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Americans were shocked and devastated when the news broke that the Taliban had once again claimed the lives of American service members in Afghanistan. This attack came as American troops were making preparations to withdraw from the Middle East nation after two decades of pushing back radical terrorism and violent dictatorships. That progress culminated with […]

New Trial Begins for 9/11 Planners in Gitmo…They Could Walk…Yes, Really

Since 2012 when the U.S. government stated its charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack, he and his four accomplices have been rotting in their cells at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The prison currently houses 39 terrorists, with Mohammed and his crew considered as the most dangerous and violent offenders. The […]

Ginsburg Taking Heat for Texas Heartbeat Law…One Feminist Tweeted ‘Old, Dead, White B****’

It did not take long for those on the left to make a major turn in how they regard their feminist hero and women’s rights crusader, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Right after the present Supreme Court rendered their 5-4 vote refusing to block the implementation of the Texas “heartbeat bill” on September 1st, […]

Biden Openly Insults Black Senior Advisor, Calling Him ‘Boy’

Every once in a while, a great storm hits our nation’s shores and makes the whole country stop and take notice. It happened sixteen years ago with Katrina, and now, thanks to Hurricane Ida, it seems to have happened again. Naturally, many comparisons are being drawn between the two devastating storms, including where landfall hit […]

Teacher in California Deserves a Pacifier as She Hides the Flag Because It Made Her Uncomfortable

A liberal teacher strikes again at the heart of patriotic pride and younger minds. Kristin Pitzen is the liberal quack that took a moment to blast the American flag and destroy the next generation’s hopes. The dirty-minded liberal could not accept that the kids wanted to pledge allegiance to their country’s flag. But their hopes […]

And You Thought America’s Cancel Culture Was Bad…

No doubt, you’ve seen the scary trend of cancel culture that has seemingly taken over the United States in recent years and months. With this intact, all it takes is one wrong phrase, one ill-placed word, one untasteful picture, or one-minute fact from your past and life as you know it is pretty much over. […]

Terrorists Receive the Best Training in the World at US Taxpayers Expense…You Might Wanna Read This

The best defense against a bully is learning to fight back. This requires training from someone who knows when to bob and weave and when to throw a punch. On a much larger scale, the same holds true for the armies of foreign nations that lack the strength and ability to ward off more powerful […]

Close to 90 Retired Generals and Admirals Demand Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Resign

Close to 90 retired generals and admirals have all signed a letter that demands the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), Lloyd Austin, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), Mark Milley, resign from their office immediately. This demand comes in response to their roles in the “events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan” […]

College’s New COVID Restrictions Are So Insane They’re Medieval

Students of all ages are headed back to school with varying restrictions being placed on them. Some can sit in class and not have to worry about regulations and facial diapers. But others attending Amherst College are facing invasive measures that are set to violate their healthcare choices. Their right to choose has been stripped […]

Jailed Former Prison Guard Beat to Death by Inmate…Federal Prisons Are In Crisis Mode

There is perhaps no harder life than that of an ex-law enforcement officer who went astray, got busted, and is now residing in a federal pen among a community of their grudge-holding non-peers who have little to nothing left to lose. Unless of course, the inmate is a former Bureau of Prisons officer who was […]

Oops! Cuomo Intentionally Failed to Report an Additional 12,000 COVID Deaths…What Else Has He Lied About?

Things just keep getting worse for disgraced former NY governor Andrew Cuomo. As if the numerous sexual allegations lodged against him, and his bumbling of the pandemic, weren’t enough to crucify the man, his consistent lying just drove the final nails through his hands. While reporting the number of COVID-19 deaths in the state that […]

Out of Afghanistan…But for All?

President Biden has said that he expects the evacuations to be completed by the August 31 deadline. That’s all well and good that we’ll be done with Afghanistan…but will everyone actually be out? When you hear Biden speak, he talks only of Kabul. The other provinces have fallen to Taliban rule and there is no […]

Biden Cries to Supreme Court About Having to Work

A federal judge told Joe Biden that he had to keep the “Remain in Mexico” program to keep the southern border protected. The illegal people flooding the border are putting lives and property at risk. And all Biden seems to care about is telling kids to come closer so he can sniff their hair and […]

YouTube Starts Censoring Prayer

As you well know, online censorship of the public has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. On social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, anything that might run contradictory from the political left’s narrative of a fair and secure election is deleted, and users are suspended if not banned completely. And […]

Chinese Woman Detained in Dubai Said She Was Held in a Secret Chinese Prison…She Wasn’t Alone

A 23-year-old Chinese woman was abducted from her hotel in Dubai and whisked away to an undisclosed location. She was held for several days at a villa that had been converted into a jail where she was forced to sign some documents or suffer further consequences. Regrettably, she did what was asked of her, and […]

Biden Busting States Banning Mask Mandates in Schools

The pandemic is out of control because the liberals will not let it die down. They keep bringing every minor outbreak up and pointing fingers at some new variant that happens to pop up in the population. They give no credence to the common cold or the flu because they cannot afford to compete with […]

The GOP Flipped a Senate Seat…and More May be Flipped in Coming Months

The Democrats have the majority of the House and Senate at the moment. It’s obvious that the GOP needs to gain control of at least one component of Congress if not both in 2022. That way, we can start to direct the country back toward democracy and a stronger economy. Work is already being done […]

The Sun is Causing Global Warming?

We’ve been told for a few decades now, basically since the ’70s, that global warming is a real thing and that it can have some very serious effects on our planet. And so, study after study has been conducted to find the cause of this global warming, now referred to as “climate change” by most. […]

Did Biden Just Guarantee Another 9/11 Attack?

Biden made really bad calls when it came to Afghanistan. He was so eager to end the forever war that he didn’t think about the repercussions. He essentially handed our ally over to the Taliban. Since when do we deliver our allies to the terrorists? We just gave the terrorists land, prisons, and a central […]

China Already Recognizes Taliban As New Afghan Government and Mocks U.S. Withdraw

It has not taken long for China to react to the chaos in Afghanistan. Leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are preparing to formalize a new relationship with the Taliban as the prevailing government of Afghanistan, according to a new report. Assessments of the realities of the Afghan battleground by China pointed them to […]

Tara Reade Calls for “Real Investigation” into Biden

As you can well imagine, with the recent resignation of Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, numerous allegations of sexual assault has undoubtedly been on everyone’s mind. But more than just speak of the kind of man Cuomo is, the situation also brings up countless other stories where women have alleged mistreatment, and yet they’ve […]

Texas Democrats Want to Get Paid for Running Away but They Find out It Is Not As Easy as They Thought It Would Be

The demonic Democrats that fled the great state of Texas fully expected people to cater to them for their so-called patriotism. They ran away from voting on a bill that would have secured the state from any lousy Democrat cheating in future elections. 58 liberals fled the state to keep Governor Greg Abbott from being […]

Medical School Student Files Lawsuit Alleging He was Expelled for Pro-Life Views

Former University of Louisville Medical School student, Austin Clark, has filed a lawsuit against the university claiming that he was expelled from the school because of his pro-life views. Clark filed the lawsuit against the university’s President Neeli Bendapudi and he also named 13 other staff members. The suit argues that the school condoned “demeaning […]

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