Just Admit It, The Wall Would Have Solved a Lot of Problems

Do you want to know what works to stop people from going where they shouldn’t be going? A wall. Trump dreamed of building a wall to help with the migration issue – and it started to work. The Democrats hated to admit that it worked, but it did. After the Capitol riot in January, what […]

The IRS Is Horrid…You Won’t Believe What They’re Doing to This Good Samaritan Who Helped His Elderly Neighbors Survive the Pandemic

There are takers and there are givers. Most American’s fall within the giving category when it comes to helping out their fellow citizens in need. But as a man in Connecticut discovered, the IRS doesn’t always share the same compassion. He’s being penalized for his acts of kindness. Louis Goffinet, 27, witnessed the suffering of […]

CA is the Model for Homelessness for Biden Administration, Demonstrating a Complete Fail

It was only last year that stories were told of feces running down the streets of Los Angeles. The homeless were literally defecating in the streets because they had nowhere to go. Tents can be found set up in virtually every major city of California. Yet, the Biden administration has decided to identify the liberal […]

The Story Biden’s Media Mob Doesn’t Want You to See! 70 Year Old Woman Brutally Beaten by Biden Thugs Because She Looked Asian

A 70-year-old Mexican woman was brutally assaulted by a young black woman for the wrong reasons and we are tired of seeing stories like these. This 23-year-old woman attacked the woman under false pretenses. Her hair was yanked out, concussion, broken nose and black eyes. Yasmine Beasley beat the victim after her son referred to […]

Rioters in Florida Are in for a Big Surprise…

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news over the last year, you will know that the United States has seen a severe uptick in “peaceful” protesting, rioting, and downright mass pandemonium. For the most part, these “demonstrations” have taken place in the streets of some of our larger cities and Democratically controlled states, […]

Radical Islamist Group Tortures 11 Pakistani Police Officers Over a Cartoon… And It’s Just the Start…

It seems odd how even in war-torn Pakistan there are limits set on which Islamic radical groups are considered acceptable. The Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan party is so hardline that their own government has outlawed them. Yet the group still receives a good deal of support from citizens, and with their help, they just fully displayed how […]

Matt Gaetz? CNN is the Real Perp

Did he or didn’t he? This isn’t a Clairol commercial, this is a question of whether or not Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida’s 1st Congressional District had sexual relations with a minor, an allegation Gaetz strenuously denies. CNN — aka the Communist News Network — has put facts last in their coverage of Gaetz, smearing […]

Pelosi: The Original Street Fighter

Everyone, get your action heroes in order. There may be a new character being added to video games around the world as one street fighter has been unnamed for too many years: Nancy Pelosi. Most people would have assumed that Nancy Pelosi was just an 81-year-old politician who serves as Speaker of the House. Nope. […]

Yet Another Biden Campaign Lie Exposed! Russian Bounty Story Wasn’t True – Just Like All of the Other Lies About Trump

The deep state Democrats’ lies are being exposed on a regular basis these days and we are all about it. Seasoned readers probably remember when the Gateway Pundit let the world know that the “Russian bounties” stories were total fakes. The mainstream media was not so quick to share that. “The fake New York Times […]

Biden’s Media Mob Caught Again Lying! Did Adam Toledo Carry a Gun? (Video)

We would like to issue a fair warning to anyone who is about to read this story and/or watch the video attached. The footage is graphic and it was taken from a Chicago police officer’s body cam. Again, the footage is very graphic and we do not advise anyone who has a weak stomach to […]

Is Communist China Running Social Media Ads Telling Illegal Aliens How to Game America’s Legal System?

Countries like Communist China are parasites on the global body politic. Like malignant tumors, Communist China is akin to the cancerous cells that grow and spread, eating away at healthy tissue throughout the body until the host is dead. Communist China, along with other bad actors such as Russia, take advantage of the unique strengths […]

Ron Desantis Provides a Democratic Smackdown With Major Proof He Knows What He’s Doing

The crazy Democrats are running scared of Ron DeSantis. He has become their favorite person to hate since Donald Trump left the scene. The Floridan governor does not take liberal attacks lightly. He knows that they are looking for a fight, and he is willing to give it to them wherever they show their ugly […]

Any More Questions! Even Guatemala’s President Can’t Deny the Truth Any Longer! Border Crisis Is Biden’s Doing (Video)

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is currently blaming Joe Biden for the border crisis that is taking place, a border crisis that he is fully responsible for creating. Now, the Guatemalan president is joining on, letting Biden know exactly what he thinks of what is taking place. These two leaders have had enough and […]

Biden Admin Declares Murdering Conservatives Is Now OK! This Is What America Has Become Under Biden!

This is not unexpected for us but that does not make it any less of a cruel blow. The Department of Justice is not going to be charging the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riots. The worst part of all is that they seem to tacitly endorse these actions. The Associated Press […]

Civil Rights Leader Leaves Geraldo Rivera Stunned After Rude ‘Ghetto’ Question Goes Awry

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera found himself put in his place late last week when he was sparring with civil rights attorney Leo Terrell who made sure Rivera knew he went too far when discussing the city of St. Louis. According to a report in The Western Journal, the men appeared on Thursday’s edition of “America’s […]

Biden Wants Trust as He Tells the World He Will Obey the Rules

Joe Biden is a man that has to redefine the words that he has to use in order to make himself sound intelligent. His liberal push to have the Democratic Party engage in changing the rules and moving forward with partisan-sided things. Liberals have the audacity to change things to make them fit their agenda. […]

Must See! CNN Executive Admits on Camera Their Coverage Was All Propaganda Designed to Take Trump Out

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe had a very interesting sit down with Sean Hannity yesterday. He was there to speak about the aftermath of his searing CNN expose’. Their top director has been caught on video admitting that they were working overtime to remove Trump. They wanted the mean orange man gone and they did not […]

Biden’s Army of Thugs Attack and Burn Down Portland Police Station With Officers Inside

The City of Roses used to be a city of peace. Now, it has become a city that will never stop burning. The rioters are making sure of it. The rule of law means nothing to these people. The warm weather is here, so you know the vandals and rioters are going to be out […]

Whitmer Pauses the Economy in Michigan to Argue with Science…Again

It’s hard to argue with science. Well, unless you’re a Democratic governor set to destroy the economy. Once again, Gretchen Whitmer has decided to make the residents of Michigan miserable. Rather than pay attention to the recommendations of the CDC and look at the success that many Republican states have had with opening everything up, […]

Criminal Media: Failed Late-Night Host Tries to Laugh Off Hunter Biden’s Crimes

Corruption is hilarious! No one ever asked Johnny Carson to be a journalist, never mind a crusading investigative reporter committed to the Truth and Justice (capitalized, of course). But no one ever asked Mr. Carson to cover up crimes, either. The de facto court jesters in the American media are no longer in the business […]

Must See! Watch This Man Hand It to CNN Over Their Complicit Reporting Killing His Neighborhood

A CNN reporter in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was at the epicenter of the riots and you won’t be able to believe what was said to them. Sara Sidner is one of their many far-left activists that they employ and she was cussed out in front of the whole world. “As you can see, y’all be […]

And the Democrat Propaganda Machine Continues to Attack Georgia’s Fair Election Laws

Since this law was passed, the Democrats have been on the warpath. They have decided that it is time to go on a public relations rampage and we are getting tired of it. This story serves as an insane microcosm of the awfulness that is currently going on. There are two possibilities in this particular […]

Biden’s Shocking Statement About the Constitution Confirms Conservatives’ Fears

President Joe Biden made a statement on Thursday about gun control that made conservatives’ blood run cold when he said that “no amendment is absolute,” while maintaining that “nothing” he is recommending “impinges” on the Second Amendment. “Today we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but what is actually a public health […]

This Just In: Science Identifies Only Two Sexes Exist

Sex: Male or Female. Those are the only two bubbles that should exist on any form. For most, it’s a clear answer. Identify your sex. If you listen to the liberals long enough, you’ll have yourself questioning just how many genders exist. There have been more and more arguments rising to say that there are […]

Iowa Standing up to Biden’s Insane Child Abuse at the Border, Refuses to Take In Biden’s Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds received a request from the Biden administration about her willingness to house minors that are unaccompanied. As the border crisis continues to worsen, Biden is left to find solutions that are imperfect at best. The illegal immigrants are now being moved further into the country, which is a recipe for disaster. […]

We Knew This Was Coming! After Denying Students the Right to Learn in Person They Now Want to Suspend Testing

Pandemic learning loss among students is a major issue that needs to be taken care of but the liberals have the perfect solution for that. Some educators have decided that the best way to address this problem is by not addressing it at all. Instead of testing the children for learning loss, they simply won’t […]

Abbott’s Proof of Mishandling of Border Crisis Speaks to Devastating Biden Admin Policy

According to a recent report by Fox News, the new administration’s handling of the migrant crisis has led to an increase in sexual assaults on children being detained for illegal border crossings. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is demanding that the White House step in and shut down the San Antonio housing facility for migrant children. Abbott […]

Biden’s a Liar Liar Pants Caught Fire as Psaki Tries To Use Fire Extinguisher to Save His Pants (Video)

Joe Biden is the joke that will be told for years to come. He is a pen-happy man who is circumventing the Constitutional described way as to how laws are to be made. It is evident that he does not trust the legislature to write bills that he can sign, even though they are members […]

Nearly Half of All New US COVID Cases Come from Just 5 States

According to the political left, it knows exactly what this nation needs. More federal government control, fewer guns, and more masks. But that’s not exactly what scientifically proven data suggests. Take the only slightly less controversial of the three, mask mandates, for example. If Biden’s administration and those leading his ever-increasing move to the left […]

China Loses It on WHO for Showing That COVID Is Their Fault

How dare the World Health Organization share that China may have been responsible for COVID-19. China is in an uproar because of the way in which the origins report was critiqued for having factual errors. An advisory committee member published a letter to claim that the WHO’s COVID-19 origins report contained a significant number of […]

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